Great Service and strong espresso

Great Service and strong espresso

Great Service and strong espressoGreat Service and strong espresso

Our Services



Affair Ala Carte offers a complete espresso bar catering service. Our bar is elegant and mobile, allowing us to easily accommodate any location. Delight your guests and clients with "coffee house" cappuccino & espresso drinks at your next affair. And to keep your guests cool at warm weather events, we serve  delicious iced coffee beverages.

Our services Include: Some upon request

  • Umbrella cart with cappuccino/espresso machine 
  • Professional staff to deliver, set up and serve
  • European and Decaff blend Espresso
  • Sugar, Sweet 'n Low, Toppings, Flavorings, Milk and Whipped Cream
  • Elegant cups and napkins

Other Services we Offer

In addition to our gourmet espresso bar service, Affair Ala Carte offers the following:

Fresh baked biscotti

  • Gourmet pastries, scones and croissants
  • Fresh baked bagels
  • Assorted jellies and cream cheeses
  • Premium juices
  • Sparkling waters

Prices upon request.


If the event you hire us for is a special holiday we can offer a holiday menu at not extra charge